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The terrifying true stories behind 21 fright flicks. Fright Flicks Format: Audio CD. It was followed by a 1988 sequel, Fright Night Part 2, an unofficial Indian remake in 1989 and official remakes in 20 - along with numerous other merchandise including tapes, CDs, videos, DVDs, Blu-Rays, figurines, T-shirts. Catch an outdoor flick At 5 p. A huge pile of classic horror movies were represented, from A Nightmare on ElmRead More. Below we identify the most oddball fright flicks in the history of the genre. With Chad Allen, Richard D.

Price New from Used from. See all formats and editions Hide other formats and editions. Fright Flicks makes horror fun. Out of nowhere, a very different type of teen horror movie arrived on the scene, one in which the kids spoke, and often looked, a whole lot like adults. &39;Tis the season to be scared, and with that it mind, we offer a few of our vintage lists just in time for All Hallow&39;s Eve. 4 Patriotic Fright Flicks to Help Celebrate the 4th! Club Other causes are anxiety, excitement, fright, muscle fatigue, low blood sugar, alcohol and fever.

For modern horror fans, 1988 Topps Fright Flicks should be a dream come true. When the air-headed leading lady of a B-grade fright flick turns up brutally murdered during the shoot, the motley members of the cast and crew find themselves at the heart of a real-life whodunit. To their credit, some Filipino filmmakers have already started creating quality movies long before this scream-or-whimper-in-fright flick. Fleetwood Mac - Greatest Hits New CD . For the last thirteen years, Josh has traveled between Los Angeles, Austin and Dallas performing his special effects magic on a cadre of characters in such films and television shows as, Mechanical Grave, Phobia, Fright Flick, Serum, Beings, Dead in Texas, Blood on the Highway, Memory, The Harrowing, and Warning Shot, which is set to release. Tweet Share 0 Reddit +1 Email One of Dino Drac’s very first articles was about Fright Flicks trading cards, released by Topps in 1989.

The card backs featured frightening "Did It Ever. Pulling from many of the era&39;s great (and not so great) genre films, the set touches on such films as A Nightmare on Elm Street, Aliens, Predator, The Fly, Fright Night, Ghostbusters, An American Werewolf in London and Poltergeist. If you’re looking for something a little bit different this Halloween weekend outside the standard fright-flick canon (I mean, we all love Hocus Pocus, but c’mon) check out these five astounding tales of true life horror:. Whereas most of Topps’s trading card sets dealt with only one property, Fright Flicks tackled tons of them. A Part of Hearst Digital Media Redbook participates in various affiliate marketing programs,. 25, Rabbit Rabbit, Asheville&39;s newest outdoor venue, will host the final in a series of kid-focused costume parties: Star Wars: A New Hope FRIGHT FLICKS / VARIOUS Lightsaber party. As such, while adding another ten would have made it an even numbered "60 FAVORITE FRIGHT FLICKS", full disclosure demands us to acknowledge that using the "666" moniker / angle was much too good, and rolled off the tongue much too well, not to do. A fright flick in the vein of genre gods John Carpenter and George Romero, Bruce McDonald’s take on the zombie uprising is shockingly unconventional, as well as brazenly literate and erudite.

The result is the kind of set kids would hide in their drawers and sift through when they thought nobody was looking. Like I said earlier, I knew the how&39;s and why&39;s behind the flick before even watching it so that may have spoiled some of the surprises. Drew&39;s Famous Halloween Fright Flicks by Various Artists CD Aug- Universal.

1988 Topps Fright Flicks is one of the most overlooked trading card sets of the 1980s. 1988 topps fright flicks stickers 2 long live the queen (alienTOPPS FRIGHT FLICKS STICKERS 4 FREDDY FOR PRESIDENTTOPPS FRIGHT FLICKS STICKERS 1 T. Get the best deals on fright flicks cards when you shop the largest online selection at eBay. Oculus is a low budget flick (well, if you consider 5 million low budget) that took the whole "one-location haunted house" subgenre and gave it more than a few new fun twists. The horror movie genre is home to a lot of low-budget schlock, making it hard for a viewer to determine what&39;s good and what&39;s a waste of time. Curtin, Todd Jenkins, Daphne Khoury. It doesn&39;t hold back on the gore - there&39;s plenty of it; but it balances it all with cheesy, groan-worthy captions. In 1988, Topps released a 90 card, 11 sticker set entitled Fright Flicks.

But Feng Shui does stand out for the sheer fact that it is something new and different in this part of Asia. Rolled out earlier this month, the movies encompass different aspects of the genre. 2 out of 5 stars 2 ratings. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Cult Horror and Sci-Fi classics from the 1950&39;s to the present day.

View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the CD release of Drew&39;s Famous Fright Flicks on Discogs. Fright Night is an American gothic horror comedy film starring William Ragsdale, Chris Sarandon, Stephen Geoffreys and Roddy McDowall that was released in 1985. Genetically enhanced with intelligence — a hubristic experiment that anyone could easily predict would end in a chum-strewn come-uppance, Renny Harlin’s giddy fright flick gets high marks for. A new "attack", so to speak. Fright Flicks is a set of 90 cards and 11 stickers depicting photos and artwork from Ghostbusters, along with 13 other horror movies, produced by Topps in 1988.

Mixing gore and comedy, it&39;s the kind of set that delights a lot of kids and makes parents cringe. Fright Flicks O-Pee-Chee Trading Cards 46 Different Cards. CAN BE HAZARDOUS. The film tells its story in two separate timelines.

As such, while adding another ten would have made it an even numbered "60 FAVORITE FRIGHT FLICKS", full disclosure demands us to acknowledge that using the "666" moniker / angle was much too good, and rolled off the tongue much too well, not to do. 1 fright flicks, little hand, Plus Duddits, cream by now. Fright Flicks The Hit Crew (Artist) Format: Audio CD. With a wide range of seasonal fun for all ages and fright levels, the event has become a highly sought after way to end a thrilling season at the world&39;s best amusement park. Holland made his directorial debut with the aggressively 80s vampire-next-door classic, Fright Night, following that up by introducing a new slasher icon in 1988&39;s Child&39;s Play. One of the few I would actually call a good movie in its own right.

The base set has 90 cards. Fortunately, your pals at Looper are here to help. Yet like all omnibus films, these multi-story fright flicks tend to be patchwork affairs, dragged down by their weakest segments. But, oh well, I still had a good time in this house. FRIGHT FLICKS MOVIE SCENE TRAIL RULES Contest will be held every Saturday & Sunday during Halloweekends. Hence now for the update it&39;s our "66 SICKEST (as in big time awesome) FRIGHT FLICK FAVES". Over the decades, masters of the macabre have tried to take their motion picture mandate seriously. Once the returning.

Turn Up the Music&39;s Fright Flicks is the kind of one-off, budget-priced CD that people buy in a panic an hour before trick or treaters begin arriving at their front doors. The episode balances a number of different tones from camp style comedy, satire, drama, tragedy, and ultimately horror. Entry playing card available at Guest Relations Contestants will be challenged to find and correctly name over 13 FRIGHT FLICKS / VARIOUS different movie scenes randomly placed throughout the park. More FRIGHT FLICKS / VARIOUS images. The 1990s were a golden period for horror movie fans, with a glut of Stephen King-led efforts and familiar franchise sequels kicking off the decade before something fresh and exciting emerged. Each card featured a photograph from one of 14 horror movies of the previous 10 years, with a humorous caption beneath it. In the end, The House on Sorority Row is one of the better made slasher flicks. FRIGHT FLICKS / VARIOUS Each pack included nine cards that featured images from horror movies like Alien, Aliens, A Nightmare on Elm Street 1-3, An American Werewolf in London, Fright Night, Pumpkinhead, Ghostbusters,.

Directed by Israel Luna. Don’t worry, none are blood-splattering “slasher” flicks – I don’t like those, either. Up first, a look at some alternatives to the standard fright flick fare. Featuring a mix of 15 horror films, it&39;s unlikely that there will ever be another set like it.

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